Resource Management

Seaweed resource management is a service provided by the Irish Seaweed Consultancy. In addition to providing seaweed biomass surveys, we have experience of adding value to such results by developing accompanying environmentally sustainable resource management plan. Our management methodologies are based on rigorous academic knowledge, leading to management plans that are in the long-term, both commercially productive and environmentally sensitive.

The intertidal and shallow subtidal environments where seaweeds thrive are complex habitats. The shoreline has characteristics of both terrestrial and marine ecosystems, yet the flora and fauna that live there are subject to harsher climatic conditions where life is often quite literally on the edge. The seaweed communities that dominate coastal regions can be  intricate with many species considered as ‘ecosystem engineers’. Seaweed identification - of the target species as well as the associated communities - is the first step in understanding the seaweed resource, after which more detailed biological and ecological studies can be carried out.

An increasing number of companies are interested in the wild harvest of Ireland’s plentiful seaweed supply and licensing and legislation will develop apace. The development of a resource management plan is therefore an essential part of the license application process, but is also an important step in the development of your company’s sustainability plan, which the ISC can develop for you.

The Irish Seaweed Consultancy also reviews and makes recommendations for existing resource management plans, often to enable business’ desire for further expansion. We work extensively with GIS software to analyse and present algal harvest data to ensure that management plans can be reviewed and updated efficiently as requirements change. These individualised management strategies are created with the customer's needs, ecological responsibility, and legislative framework in mind.