​​Walks and guided experiences

If your group of friends, colleagues, school or community group would like to do a shore walk coupled with an identification course targeting the main seaweed species and some hidden ‘sea’crets, we can organise a customised experience for you.

This experience will give you a better understanding of the diversity of seaweeds on the Irish coast.
**Note: A minimum of 5 people is required to run a course.


COURSE 1: The full pack

We have run this course on many occasions and each time people alway ask for the second edition.

It's an intensive 3-day course that gives you an overview of the main species of macroalgae in Ireland, their applications, how to recognise them on the shore and most importantly how to harvest them in a sustainable manner.

We also go deeper into aspects of nutrition, seaweed aquaculture and current practices in Ireland and Europe.

**This course suits people that have some basic knowledge of algae but want to know more and/or want to start a business.

 Course Outline:

- General introduction to seaweed biology. 
- Understanding seaweed production and uses worldwide.
- Chemical composition and nutrition.
- Commercial species in Ireland.
- Current practices in seaweed aquaculture.
- Handling and processing seaweeds.
- Health and safety on the shore.
- Shore walk identifying the most common seaweed species.
- Sustainable harvesting practices on the shore.

Please get in touch with us by filling our Contact form or emailing us at contact@irishseaweed.com


​​COURSE 2: The one-day course

This is a concise one-day course, which gives you an understanding of the incredible seaweed resource present in Ireland and is designed for those with little knowledge of seaweeds but with an enthusiasm to learn. You will have the opportunity to see, touch and identify the main species, and by the end of the day you will just want to know more!

We are starting again in April 2017. See the dates below and register as soon as possible, places are limited!

For further information please fill our Contact form or email us at contact@irishseaweed.com.


​​​Science to schools

We also bring Science to schools. We have been actively involved in the Baboró BEAST programme, bringing marine life into the classroom through presentations, artwork, show and tell and activities. We tailor our teaching activities to suit different age groups.

Please get in touch with us to discuss outreach activities at contact@irishseaweed.com

Courses and activities provided


For many years, we have been involved in numerous outreach activities both as researchers with NUI Galway and as individuals. We simply enjoy the engagement and communication of science to people and communities. We just love it!

Through our experience we tailor our teaching activities to suit the different backgrounds and age groups.


Outreach and Education