Biomass Surveys

Many people see the potential in seaweed. Often, they can see the end product, but don’t know where to source their raw material. Alternatively, they have access to the raw material but don’t know what they’ve got. The Irish Seaweed Consultancy can solve both types of problems and more by carrying out a seaweed biomass survey.

As one of our most popular services, seaweed biomass surveys provide invaluable information. The results will indicate the capacity of the resource and ultimately, the scale by which your business can grow.

The Irish Seaweed Consultancy provides comprehensive surveys that identify and quantify the seaweed species on your site(s) through the use of modern non-invasive techniques. We work in any season and have the project management experience to coordinate multiple teams in the field for fast, efficient results.

Need more? We work with clients through their foreshore license application process for seaweed harvesting. We can provide a wide range of services including biomass surveys, development of bespoke resource management plans and additional ecological reports.