Dr Anna Soler-Vila

Anna Soler-Vila, studied Marine Science in Gran Canaria and holds a PhD from NUI Galway on the biochemical composition of macroalgae and their inclusion in fish-feed ingredients. Anna has worked on a wide range of national and European projects in the marine sector such as the Marine Functional Foods project (National) and Sudevab, Biotecmar and MacroAlgae Biorefinery- MAB3 (International). During this time she has regularly published  peer-reviewed publications and has participated in the creation of widely distributed outreach material. 

Her main interests are on the areas of the seaweed biochemical compositional analyses and inclusion in an increasing array of applications. Anna has also developed and delivered tailored material and outreach activities for different sectors of the public.


Contact Anna for Biomass Surveys, Outreach and Education and Laboratory Analysis at: 


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Dr Richard Walsh

Richard Walsh obtained his PhD in environmental technologies from Waterford Institute of Technology following a degree in applied biology. Over the last ten years he has worked on the development of novel technologies from concept to commercialization in the areas of water remediation. During this time he has gained project management experience through involvement in EU funded projects focused on exploration of new avenues of valorisation for marine resources creating valuable links with European partners in the marine sector. 

As a Director and Co-Founder of the Irish Seaweed Consultancy, he brings a unique understanding of the dynamics of bringing scientific developments to the marketplace.


Contact Richard for Product and Business Development and Laboratory Analysis at: 

Dr Maeve Edwards

Maeve Edwards holds a PhD in biological sciences from the Queen’s University Belfast. For the past twelve years, she has specialized in large-scale seaweed cultivation of several different species, including Palmaria palmata and members of the kelp family Saccharina latissima, Laminaria digitata and Alaria esculenta. During this time, she has been involved with the project management of national and European scientific projects such as the Seaweed Hatchery Project (Ireland), and EnAlgae (Interreg IVB NWE). 

She has published peer-reviewed publications, open-source manuals/guides, and regularly presents her work at many international scientific conferences. As a Director and Co-Founder of the Irish Seaweed Consultancy, she brings her research interests to the company, which includes IMTA, macroalgal cultivation techniques and ecological impacts of seaweed aquaculture. 


Contact Maeve for Resource Management and Aquaculture at:

Dr Benoît Quéguineur

Benoît was educated between France, Spain and Ireland, and received a PhD in Marine Science at the National University of Ireland, Galway. His key area of expertise is macroalgae biotechnology. Other research interests include the aquaculture of edible seaweeds, nutritional value of macroalgae, population dynamics, as well as environmental surveys. Benoît is a regular speaker and contributor to international seaweed conferences and roundtable discussions. He has produced numerous peer-reviewed publications and reports, including many pan-European projects. 

He has also published a number a photographs in magazines, books and commercials worldwide. As a Director and Co-Founder of the Irish Seaweed Consultancy, he understands some of the challenges of sustainability and biotechnology of integrating seaweed into modern society. 


Contact Benoît for Media Services and Resource Management at:

About Us

Irish Seaweed Consultancy Ltd. is the first environmental consultancy in Ireland to specialise in phycology (the study of algae) with the aim of providing services to the macroalgal industry in an Irish and European context. 


This is carried out through the provision of support and training services including business advice, product evaluation, feasibility studies, biomass surveys and resource management plans. The Irish Seaweed Consultancy is also active in outreach programmes to raise awareness of the importance of seaweed in our daily lives.


The backgrounds and qualifications of the four co-founders, in different areas of the marine, environmental and seaweed sectors bring a unique formation to the task of meeting the diverse needs of the modern seaweed industry. The founders have a combined 40 years experience in the macroalgal, marine, environment and engineering sectors.  


The Irish Seaweed Consultancy is responding to an increasing recognition of the importance of the marine sector as a driver for growth in the Irish economy and the necessity to sustainably manage natural resources.